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Galerie Pentcheff

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The Huret book

Theimer Danielle & François - Polichinelle

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A woman was at the beginning of esthetic change for Dolls in the early 1850 by changing them in luxury product. Those dolls were known by the name “Poupées Parisiennes”. You will discover the complete family history from 1786 to 1931, the successors and their assets the social evolution. The book helps to recognize the “Huret style” and its differences with...


G.Argy Rousseau Glassware as Art

Bloch-Dermant Janine - Delaborde Yves - Amateur

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The foundation of the Société Anonyme des Pâtes de Verre d'Argy-Rousseau in Paris in 1921 ushered in an epoch of creative exuberance which spawned a profusion of vases, bowls, lamps, sculptures and other decorative objects. The career of this remarkable genius is retraced in details : his education, his inventiveness, his artistic development, his commercial succes, and...


Gilt bronzes in the Louvre

Alcouffe - Dion Tenenbaum - Mabille - Faton

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From the time it first opened in 1793, the Musée du Louvre owned an important series of docks and ormolu-mounted vases, mostly with a royal provenance. These objects were dispersed for a time before being returned to the Louvre with many other gilt bronzes when, on two occasions, in 1870 and 1901, the Keeper of the Département des Objets d'art was authorised to transfer to...

Versailles furniture of the Royal Palace 17th and 18th centuries vol 2

Meyer D. - Arizzoli P. - Faton

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Louis XIV moved to Versailles in 1672. Some ten years later work on enlarging the palace and building the Hall of Mirrors had been completed. The Treaty of Nijmegen had confirmed the pre-eminence of France on the continent of Europe. In the palace, designed to match the King's aspirations, the decorative arts contributed to the creation of a world of splendour and perfection which was to...

Furniture collections in the Louvre 2 vol.

Alcouffe D. - Dion-Tenenbaum A. - Lefébure A. - Pallot B.G.B - Faton

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Of all the important collections of furniture exhibited in Paris or Versailles, in New York or other capital cities, that the Louvre is indisputably the richest and the most admired. Since inheriting the French royal collections, it has been enriched regularly with objects commensurate with the prestige of its origins, in accordance with a very selective acquisitions policy.


Serrurier-Bovy a visionary designer 1858 1910

Du Mesnil Du Buisson - Faton

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"Believe in the future and work for it" ... The oeuvre of Gustave Serrurier, more than fifty years before Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, blazed the trail to contemporary design. Gustave Serrurier, known as Serrurier-Bovy, was born in Liège in 1858 and died in the same city in 1910. He was one of most original figures in the Belgian avant-garde and the international art...

Ruhlmann Genius of Art Deco

Collectif - Somogy

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André Sornay

Roche Thierry - Beau Fixe

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Assert man, excellent drawer, talented painter, André Sornay use his artistic skills for his designer work. During 50 years, his compositions started from Art Deco beginning until functional style of the 60s. Thierry Roche devotes him a book in order to rehabilitate this exceptional man.