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Galerie Pentcheff


    7      Preface

  10      Chapter One

Gold of Africa

  22      Chapter Two

Sahara, Sahel and Senegambia

  40      Chapter Three

The Akan of Ghana

  86      Chapter Four

The Akan-related Peoples of Côte d'Ivoire

110      Chapter Five

The Gold Mines of West Africa

122      Chapter Six

Goldsmiths and Their Technology

145      Plates

219      Catalogue

245      Bibliography

246      Index of Tribes and Places

African gold jewellery and ornaments from Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali and Senegal in the collection of the gold of Africa Barbier-Mueller Museum in Cape Townin the collection of the gold od Africa Barbier-Mueller Museum in Cape Town

Writer : Garrard Timothy F.

Editor : Prestel


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Pub year : 2011

Pages : 248

Collection :

S : 19X24

Pictures : 126

Includes colors : 196

Binding : Relié

Language : Anglais

ISBN : 978-3-7913-4119-4

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EAN : 9783791341194

This volume catalogs the impressive gold collection held by the Gold of Africa Barbier-Mueller Museum in Cape Town, South Africa. It illustrates and surveys an enormous range of ornamental objects from the Sahel and the central West African forest regions. The pieces date from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and include headdresses, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and items of royal regalia. Many are decorated with figurative motifs such as birds, fish, and fruit, symbols which refer to local proverbs. Magnificent displays of gold intended as demonstrations of a tribal chief’s power and prestige are still worn today in ceremonial occasions. Through his research in the area Timothy Garrard, the world’s foremost authority on goldsmith art from the African continent, became acquainted with goldsmith techniques as well as the system of bartering and weighing. His commentary offers a historical and cultural context through which to view the pieces. Affording a starting point for anyone interested in African art, jewelry, decorative arts and fashion, African Gold presents African goldwork in all its glory.