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Galerie Pentcheff

Furniture by Architects and Artists

Writer : HOTERMANS Marc

Editor : MMH

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Pub year : 2016

Pages : 212

Collection :

S : 27 x 21 cm

Pictures : 260

Includes colors : oui

Binding : Relié

Language : Anglais Francais

ISBN : 9782746690189

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EAN : 9782746690189

Marc Hotermans, specialist of modern design, presents a very well illutrated and documented work. This catalogue made by a collector, is an expression of its author passion.

« In the present century, with our modern cars, computers, airplanes, space rockets, very sophisticated mobile phones, our homes are still mainly equiped with furniture and objects from previous centuries.

The styles of Louis XIV, Louis XVI, French Empire,
were fashionable at their times. Most of us are, however,
absolutely old fashioned.

Being a furniture maker born in the 20th century,
I naturally take interest in furniture of my own period.

This orientation has turned into a passion.
In the following you will find the general idea. »