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L'Autre visage - Masques Africains


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Publication date 2000
Number of pages 287
Format 24.7 x 2.7 x 31.6 cm
Photos Oui
Color photos Oui
Binding Broché
Language Français
ISBN 978-2876602991
Editeur Adam Biro

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No private collection of African art covers the dark continent better than the Barbier-Mueller collection. Begun in the 1910s by Josef Mueller, it was completed by Jean Paul Barbier who made it one of the most important museums of African art in the world. The masks (one of the focal points of the collection) are symbols of African art and embody the creative power of both artists and dancers (the masks are almost always presented during dances). Virtually every region where masks were created or worn in ceremonies is recorded in this book, and the reader will discover exceptional pieces, some of which can be described as "historic" since they belonged to the discoverers of tribal art at the beginning of our century. Many of these works are reproduced here for the first time. An introductory text explains the purpose of the mask in Africa. In addition, one hundred masks - chosen for their emblematic character - are reproduced in full page and in color. They are placed in their context of use with the help of photographs "in situation". Finally, a catalog, also illustrated, makes a complete inventory of the 250 masks in the collection. Each mask is the subject of aesthetic and ethnographic comments in which the authors describe its ritual context and analyze the symbolism associated with it.

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