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Notre-Dame de Dijon



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Publication date 2021
Number of pages 252
Format 21.5x28.5
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Binding Relié
Language Francais
ISBN 978-2-87844-312-7
Editeur FATON

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Under the direction of Denise Borlée, an art historian specializing in medieval architecture and sculpture, Notre-Dame de Dijon presents us with the various artistic evolutions of the city and its monuments over the centuries. Thus, we will review the theme of architecture with very detailed developments on the structure and layout of the latter. The book deals with all the stages of construction, the debates surrounding its construction and the choices that were made concerning the realization of the stained glass windows, the religious art and the ornamental elements. The furniture and jewelry are also the subject of numerous developments. With a very complete and high quality photographic ensemble, this book offers a very interesting presentation of this building and the elements that accompany it.