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Germain Nouveau



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Publication date 2020
Number of pages 158
Format 23x28
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Binding Relié
Language Francais
ISBN 9788836647279
Editeur Silvana

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The story of Germain Nouveau is the story of a transient, atypical and iconoclastic poet, initially destined to serve in the orders and who, finally, embraced poetic modernity. Germain Nouveau is one of those young personalities who participated in the regeneration of the arts, in this case, those of poetry and literature. This modernity was embodied in the symbolist movement, to which he was affiliated, and with personalities who embodied it such as Arthur Rimbaud, perhaps the meeting of his life, and Paul Verlaine. Poetry is Germain Nouveau's main activity, an activity that he also shares with writing. Indeed, he participated in numerous newspapers and other gazettes, such as the review Le Gaulois, which was one of the first newspapers to publish the works of Odilon Redon, or Le Chat noir, created in 1882 as a promotional organ for the cabaret of the same name and a meeting place for the literary avant-garde.

In short, to read and discover Germain Nouveau is to read and discover a part of the modernity of the end of the 19th century, in poetry as well as in literature.