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Corneille - La Peinture Paradis - Edition Bilingue



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Further Informations

Publication date 2019
Number of pages 247
Format 23.2 x 27.7
Photos Oui
Color photos Oui
Binding Broché
Language Français
ISBN 9791096854042

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"Corneille dedicated his life to painting. In the fifty years of his career, he created a rich, expressive and polymorphous body of work. This book throws new light on this artist's creation, from the avant-garde of the Cobra years to his return to figuration at the end of the 1960s.

Through a new selection of works and an abundant historical documentation, this book retraces Corneille's creative itinerary, as painter and traveller, at the heart of the second half of the twentieth century.

It develops an in-depth presentation of his travels, his collection of African art, his artistic collaborations and international exhibitions. It also explores his photography and his many writings."