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Match holders 100 years of ingenuity ( porte allumettes )




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Format 21x28
Photos 689
dont couleurs 689
Reliure broché
Langue Anglais
ISBN 0-88740-633-5

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The invention of the friction match in England in the 1830s helped to improve the daily lives of people in ways frequently overlooked. Match holders made their appearance by the 1850s in nearly endless, striking variety. Denis B. Alsford has complied fascinating historical influences, patents, marks and over 680 color photos to she light on the developments of match holders from their beginnings to their more recent forms as commonplace household items. A wide variety of match holders are depicted including pocket, "candle-in-a-box", stand-alone and wall hanging models. Paten drawings, discussions of major manufacturers, and copy from the British magazine "Punch" add dimension as well. All who are concerned with tobacco history, collecting match holders and antiques will find this book a useful reference.