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Zippo : the great american lighter (2° édition) ( briquet zippo )




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Format 22x29
Photos 500
dont couleurs 500
Reliure relié
Langue Anglais
ISBN 0764323377

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Today interest in lighters has burgeoned, and the vast majority of new lighter collectors are avidly seeking Zippo lighters. This makes the market for Zippo lighters stronger today than ever before. Zippo-mania is not only sweeping the United States, but the world as well. This book is a must for all collectors and lovers of Americana. It contains a sequential history of Zippo series, cases, inserts, fluid cans, flint packages, and sundries. It is richly illustrated in full color with many of the most highly prized Zippo lighters that people collect. Information was based on original Zippo salesman's catalogs, leaflets, advertising brochures, and the study of thousands of Zippo lighters. Prices are provided with each picture, and a complete price guide is located in the back of the book. This is the book the lighter collectors have awaited for years and years.