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Collectible fishing reels ( moulinets de pêche )




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Format 22x28
Photos 184
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Langue Anglais
ISBN 0-7643-1767-9

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A detailed history of the development of fishing reel technology and fascinating stories of the notable manufacturers who produced them are related here. Fly casting, bait casting, spinning, and spin casting reels produced in America and Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are shown in over 180 fine photographs and drawings. Reels produced by famous manufacturers are shown, including J. C. Conroy and Company*TM, William Mills*TM, Julius Von Hofe*TM, and the Kentucky reel smiths B. F. Meek & Sons*TM and B.C. Milam*TM. Current market values are provided in tables. This book will be prized by anyone who has ever cast a line out over the water on a cool, still morning.