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Star Pieces The Enduring Beauty Of Spectacular Furniture /anglais

Thames & Hudson



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Format 28x33
Photos 320
dont couleurs 320
Reliure relié sous jaquette
Langue Anglais
ISBN 978-0-500-51482-5

En savoir plus

We engage with furniture in a very physical way: its legs, arms and backs echo our own bodies. We sit on it, lie on it, eat from it and work at it. Furniture has no secret meanings that need explaining in the way fine art might. It is rooted in natural materials and processes, which means you can use your own eyes and trust your own instincts. Appreciation of furniture cornes from understanding what has gone before and keeping that line going forward. The authors, with a passion for furniture, share their knowledge of why it matters from an intellectual and emotional perspective, and how best to assess it from an aesthetic one, exploring styles, techniques and materials. At the core of the book they introduce twenty golden ages, from the ancient world to 20th-century American Studio Furniture, by way of such rich moments as Ming in China, Italian and French Baroque, Chippendale in England, the designs of Newport and Philadelphia in America, Neoclassicism in France, Russia and Sweden, Biedermeier, Shaker and Art Deco. In 'The New Golden Age', they spotlight the most brilliant contemporary international designers of furniture, both those who see it as akin to art and those who enjoy the craft involved. Finally, they explain how your own star piece can enrich an interior with glamour, drama and personality. Advice on commissioning a unique handmade piece, and on buying antique furniture, cornes from experts. David Linley founded his own firm in 1985 and is now at the head of his profession. Charles Cator, with special responsibility at Christie's for furniture and the decorative arts, knows the subject intimately both from a commercial and an enthusiast's angle. The rich and varied illustrations include details of carving, ornamentation and upholstery, views of different styles of furniture used in historie and contemporary interiors, original drawings, and spectacular pieces, both antique and contemporary.

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