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Early British Chairs And Seats From 1500 To 1700 /anglais

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Format 24X31
Photos Oui
dont couleurs 500
Reliure relié sous jaquette
Langue Anglais
ISBN 978-1-85149-581-8

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With a wealth of colour photographs taken specially for this volume, this book clarifies the nature and variety of chairs and seating in Britain from 1500 to 1700. Unusually, all the illustrations are accompanied by the dimensions of the pieces, and attention is drawn to restorations or missing parts or replacements, as well as to rare, fine or particularly interesting features. The author, Tobias Jellinek, handled and examined virtually every piece illustrated. Early British Chairs and Seats will help the new or wary enthusiast get to grips with some of the difficulties in authenticating old furniture, and by example and explanation will demonstrate what serious buyers should be looking for. It also displays the superb quality and fascinating range of the finest furniture of this period.