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10.000 Years Of Pottery (new Edition) /anglais

The British Muséum


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Format 22x28
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Langue Anglais
ISBN 978-0-7141-5090-1

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Ever since cave people first moulded soft clay into shape and watched it harden in the flickering fire, potters have been pushing out the boundaries of their craft - constantly experimenting, testing and creating an astonishing variety of fresh forms, glazes and wares. The fascinating story of experiment and change, brilliant breakthroughs and chance discoveries, is explored in depth in 10,000 Years of Pottery, an epic tale spanning five continents. The story opens in a Stone Age cave in France, where two beautifully crafted, expressive clay bison were produced c. 12,000 years ago. No one knows exactly when or how cave people first realized that fire could transform soft clay into a hard durable ceramic but, like the discovery of fire itself, it marked a creative watershed. Since then, pottery has developed in diverse directions and evolved into myriad forms and wares, from fired bricks and votive figures to the most sophisticated and technically accomplished studio ceramics today. Setting each development firmly within its social context, Emmanuel Cooper follows the trail of innovation and creation, from one country to another, highlighting cross-cultural contrasts and connections. Starting with the origins of pottery in the Near and Middle East, he moves on to the Mediterranean, Orient, Islamic world and ancient America, from there to Neolithic Britain, through to Wedgwood and de Morgan, then on to Europe, Australasia, modern America and contemporary Africa and India. Bringing the story right up to date, the end chapters feature the postwar and contemporary era, characterized by the development of artist potters and studio ceramics, alongside the growth of cutting-edge technology. The full range of forms, media and styles is richly illustrated throughout with a wealth of images drawn not only from the British Museum, but also fro private collections and studios around the world. A feast for the eye and mind, 10,000 Years of Pottery will provide endless inspiration for all art lovers, artists and creative potters, both professionals and newcomers.