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La part de l'ombre - Sculpture du sud-ouest du Congo



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Publication date 2021
Number of pages 176
Format 21x27.7
Photos 0ui
Color photos 0ui
Binding Relié
Language Francais
ISBN 9782370741455
Editeur SKIRA

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The catalog presented here offers us a vision of the Congo that is both intimate and historical; in its artistic and artisanal contribution. It is a breakthrough in the aesthetic and creative universe of this territory against the background of historical and colonial events. Several objects are presented, ranging from statuettes to musical instruments, masks and other ritual objects. The catalog is divided into several chapters that focus both on purely artistic and cultural elements and on exclusively historical elements that lead to a global understanding of the production of art in southwestern Congo. Thus, texts and photographs of quality follow one another to offer a fine understanding of this territory, the people who live there and the art they produce.