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Balthus, Bazaine, Rothko... Les enfants de Bonnard



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Publication date 2022
Number of pages 186
Format 19.5 x 27
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Binding Relié
Language Francais
ISBN 9788836649594

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The Musée Bonnard is now offering a new book on the influence of the painter's legacy on future generations, more precisely, to observe the way in which Pierre Bonnard was able to represent a source of inspiration for a whole new generation of young artists. Very often, Bonnard is considered to occupy a particular place in his time, and it is often difficult to assign him a current, a technique, in short a label... Bonnard is entirely turned towards creation, multiplying his inspirations and throwing onto the canvas a unique feeling, his feeling, inseparably linked to his being.

Through Balthus, Bazaine, or Rothko, discover how Bonnard influenced all these painters, and how they were inspired by Bonnard for their emblematic works.