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5000 Years Of Textiles (paperback) /anglais

The British Muséum


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Language Anglais
ISBN 978-0-7141-5089-5

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Le livre de référence anglais sur l'histoire des textiles en fin réédité. This classic book is the first comprehensive survey in colour of textile art and production worldwide, from prehistory to the present day. lt is both an authoritative work of reference and a visual delight, ranging from the Far East to the Americas and from Africa to Scandinavia, from Egyptian artefacts dating from 3000 BC to the most up-to-date modern craftwork and furnishings. The book opens with an expert guide to nine fundamental textile techniques, from rug weaving and tapestry to felt and bark cloth. Each is clearly explained, using line drawings and close-up colour details from actual textiles, to show how people from many different traditions have made and decorated cloth through the centuries. The breathtaking wealth of illustrations - drawn from major collections all over the world, many never published before - includes costumes, period interiors, archive photographs and a huge variety of fabrics, from the simplest hand-woven cloths to sumptuous brocades and exquisite embroidery.