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The Hall Of Mirrors


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ISBN 978-2-87844-088-1

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Since the Hall of Mirrors was created it has never undergone a comprehensive restoration campaign nor has any publication ever been solely devoted to it. Built by Jules-Hardouin Mansart between 1678 and 1684, the Hall has been named after the 357 mirror panels of its 17 arcades. The décor painted between 1680 and 1684 by Le Brun depicts the highlights of the 18 first years of Louis the XIV's reign. The whole composition is organised around the central painting entitled by Racine The King governs by himself. The larger paintings illustrate the glorious episodes of the Dutch war and the main reforms at the beginning of the reign. The comice is adorned with magnificent allegorical gilded stucco trophies sculpted by the best artists of the "Great Century". On the green Campan marble panels the gilded bronze trophies by Pierre Ladoyreau are among the most outstanding examples of the 17th century French sculpture. This unique ensemble has recovered its decorative consistency after a four year restoration made possible by Vinci group's exceptional sponsorship. This restoration has also been an opportunity to study and photograph the Hall of Mirrors as never before. This book offers more than 700 illustrations, and 35 authors ? art historians, architects and conservators who followed the restoration step by step ? have contributed to it. Le Brun's radiant genius is revealed in its initial beauty. The skill of the painters and the sculptors who worked under his supervision can be fully appreciated. The book presents the history of the Hall of Mirrors from its conception and the genesis of its décor up to the 2003-2007 restoration. It gives the reader deep insight into 17th century original techniques based on the many discoveries made throughout the restoration.