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ISBN 978-3-89790-394-4

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This comprehensive survey of Paul Evans?s work encourages a fresh look at the practice of making objects in the third quarter of the twentieth century as it examines the dynamic career of an artist who evolved from metalsmith to furniture maker to designer, shifting his focus from the New York craft world to the national world of design.
'Paul Evans: Crossing Boundaries and Crafting Modernism' focuses on an American artist who has attracted a worldwide core of collectors and whose approach to furniture-making defied traditional notions of craft. Pursuing furniture as sculpture and abstract composition, designer-craftsman Paul Evans (1931?1987) consistently pushed boundaries with his innovative approaches to metal and furniture-making, his work revealing the fascinating cross currents of sculpture and design. Constantly experimenting with traditional and synthetic materials while also borrowing techniques from industrial manufacturing, Evans and his shop workers invested their furniture with an expressiveness that is quite distinctive in the realms of craft and design.