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Golden Pots - Thurnau Earthenware From The Lotte Reimers-stiftung At The Grassi Museum /anglais/alle



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Format 22x29
Photos 172
Color photos 168
Binding relie-
Language anglais-allemand
ISBN 978-3-89790-432-3

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The unique nature of the ?golden pots? lies in the proportion of the form, the vividly iridescent glaze and the sensual allure of the material. With this publication, Lotte Reimers not only continues her diverse work for ceramics but also preserves them as an important cultural artefact which has found a new home in the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts Leipzig.
Without adornment or applications, plates, bowls, jugs and pots radiate through honey-yellow, green or dark brown glazes. These glazes have a lively iridescence which accentuates the objects? most important attribute: their form. Everyday objects that obtain artistic merit through reduction alone boast an extraordinary assuredness in their design. With this, the bodies of the vessels in the interplay with handles, spouts, knops and covers as well as the glaze become a compelling unity.
That good everyday ceramic occupies a justified and valued place alongside artistic ceramic is advocated with conviction by Lotte Reimers. As a longstanding companion and associate of the ceramic exponent Jakob Wilhelm Hinder, she discovered her passion too for the ?beauty of simple things?, which she acquired in selected examples to preserve as an important cultural asset for the future.
One hundred and twenty-four earthenware vessels, which originated in the Renner Pottery in Thurnau in the 1950s and 1960s, form a representative inventory of ?golden pots? whose beauty still enthrals to this day. Now the collection is housed in the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts Leipzig.